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Carol Channing- she survived Ovarian Cancer

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Wow, I didn't know that.
Loved Carol Channing
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I've liked her since I was a little girl. I was always fascinated by her gravely voice. Kathy Bates is another one, Laurie, ovca AND brca. How are you, and the Kidz? Stella passed away this past Sunday.😘
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So sorry about Stella. May she rest in peace.
I'm doing ok. I had a cardiac ablation 3 weeks ago and it seemed to work. I was in a fib. I lost one of my kitties last year to breast cancer. Archie and Lonny are doing great, they are thriving. Archie loves the cold weather and Lonny stays in the house. Take care.
The two things that seemed to help her live was doing something that she loved and have a good attitude.
We could all benefit from that.
Happy birthday week!
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thank you!!
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Happy birthday! Hope this begins a great new year for you!
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Thanks so much Helen. I enjoy your posts :)
Happy Birthday Laurie!
Enjoy your special day! 🎂
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thank you!
Happy birthday, Laurie!
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Heart update

I am back in Afib and very disappointed.  So now I have an appt with the doctor that did the cardioversion.  He can either repeat the procedure or do an

ablation.  I was going to go with the ablation cause the results are usually pretty good.  I will see what the doctor says first.  Did anybody ever have an abation?

I am feeling pretty good, just a little tired and out of breath sometimes but not bad.  Hope everyone is doing ok!

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Hugs,love, and prayers
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Any chance do you go to St Francis Hospital for the cardiac work? My brother has seen the doctor there can't remember his name now who is the head of the arrhythmia specialties. First name is David I think. My brother wound up needing a pacemaker combination with defib.

Good luck Good thoughts
Can only send you a hug. I know several friends who've had ablations and they are happy. Hope you get the information you need from the doctor...hugs...
I have a friend that had one done a few years ago and she is doing great!
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Good Luck with the Procedure
We have a few family members (human variety) who have had the ablation and are doing extremely well. They say the difference to their energy levels is amazing - one in fact ran a marathon about 6 months later! Hugs :*)
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Whichever the treatment avenue you take, good luck with it. Hope it works better this time around. I have no experience whatsoever.
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My dad had both of these done a long long time ago. I will try and ask more about it.
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thanks Jill :)
Hi Laurie! I don't personally know anyone who had an ablation, just the cardio version. But yes, hear what the cardiologist has to say and then make your decision. I'm glad you feel good though, always a good sign. AND, you have pets which is s huge positive. They are very good for you both mentally and physically, as you well KNOW, lol. God bless your/MD's decision. Don't worry too much, it'll be ok.🙏🏻👍🏻😘
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Pets are so important to me. They are my children. I lost one of my cats in August and when all this is behind me I'm going to get a new cat. My other cat is very lonely. I'm plan to get a blind or a tripod cat/kitten. so many need homes. :) Thanks for your kind words.
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Ahhh, I'm sorry about your cat. Blind cats and dogs do well in the home. I bet your other cat and Archie's instincts will kick in and they will watch out for him/her.😘
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So sorry to hear this. I have a mild case of Afib but I have never had anything done for it. Praying that you will make the right decision ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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keeping you in my prayers Laurie hugs and love Sabina
Happy Belated Birthday, Hope it was a Good One ! Best Wishes
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