Interesting re: pancreatic cancer

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Charlotte Ray died this week, apparently from bone cancer.
yes but i was so happy she beat pancreatic cancer!!
She was very lucky that she was diagnosed early. They should have taken it out when it was just a cyst and then she wouldn't have needed chemo. At this stage it's not cancer and usually does not reoccur. There is no doubt this disease does not get enough attention. There is no early screening test insurance will pay for. My husband started losing weight and had a decreased appetite more than two years before he was diagnosed. He reported it for two years while having physicals, it was chalked it up to aging. He went from size large to medium with no dieting or increase in exercise. The signs were there, there was just no flashing neon light saying pancreatic cancer. And he is not alone, that's how most everyone starts. Finally most people become jaundiced and get pancreatitis and they can't ignore that so finally it is looked at. It's really a shame and heartbreaking.

Thanks for sharing however, folks need to be aware.
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Happy birthday week!
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Happy birthday Laurie! Hope you had a great one.
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Happy Birthday Laurie!
Enjoy your special day! 🎉
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